Europe And The Sea

  title={Europe And The Sea},
  author={Raymond F. Betts and Michel Mollat du Jourdin and Teresa Lavender Fagan},
Part 1 Europe and the sea in time and space: like a puzzle Mediterranean primacy the ocean comes onto the stage convergences encounters and sharing - the genesis of a Europe of merchants the framework bursts apart - Europe present on all the seas. Part 2 Europe and the sea in human societies: earning a living from the sea the European community of seamen familiar images a cultural dimension - seeing, feeling and understanding the sea. 

Continental Connections: Britain and Europe in the Eighteenth Century

The topic of empire has loomed large in recent writings on eighteenth-century Britain. This article attempts to encourage greater appreciation of Britain's multifarious connections with continental

4. Other Shores: Insularity, Materiality and the Making (and Unmaking) of ‘Europe’

Today is . . . 1926. A precarious peace ratified seven years previously at Versailles. A newly ascendant United States. A not-yet-rearming Germany. Black Tuesday and the ensuing Great Depression

Littoral Society: The Concept and the Problems

In any study of seascapes, an investigation of the littoral must be central, for it is here that land and sea meet. Is there such a thing as littoral society? Is it possible to go around the shores

Colonialism and Enslavement in a Bottle: Guiding People through an Exhibition in the German Historical Museum

  • P. Helber
  • History, Sociology
    Narrative Culture
  • 2022
Abstract:In the exhibition entitled "Europe and the Sea" at the German Historical Museum in Berlin, visitors were confronted with a modern bottle of Johannsen-brand rum that served to illuminate the

Water wizards: reshaping wet nature and society

The article investigates how humans ‘networked’ wet nature and how this affected the shaping of Dutch society. First, it takes a grand view of Dutch history and describes how wet network building

Eastern North Atlantic and Adjacent Seas Baltic Herring Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring Fishery North Sea Herring Celtic

This paper provides an overview of the biology, catch history, and current biomass status of the world’s major herring stocks. Herring occur throughout the northern coastal marine areas of the

Oceans Apart: Ideologies of Extraterritorial Foreign Policy in Northern Europe and the USA

In the study of international relations, domestic variables have rather seldom been used to explain phenomena on the international level. In comparative politics and historical sociology, explaining

Lines of Division, Lines of Connection: Stewardship in the World Ocean

This article investigates the history of drawing lines across ocean space. Although drawing lines generally is perceived as an act of division—as exemplified by the line drawn through the Atlantic ...