Europe's Northern Cap and the Soviet Union

  title={Europe's Northern Cap and the Soviet Union},
  author={Nils {\O}rvik and Henry A. Kissinger},
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Redefining epidemic hysteria: an example from Sweden
François Sirois’ influential paradigm for diagnosing episodes of epidemic hysteria is discussed. The part of his schema addressing the large diffuse outbreak should be eliminated as it does not
The bibliography is an annotated list of the noteworthy books, articles, and reviews dealing with the Scandinavian languages and literatures which appeared in the United States and Canada during
Theory and Practice
Created in 1958, the Center fosters advanced study of basic world problems by scholars from various disciplines and senior officers from many countries. The research at the Center, focusing on the
Geographical Determinism: Finnish Neutrality Revisited
This article explores the effects of two types of geostrategic location, i.e., buffer-state and rimstate status, on small states' policy of neutrality. The major proposition set forth is that while
The Continental imbalance and Canadian defence options
The aim of this thesis is to-analyse the influence that the North American continental imbalance has had on the formulation of Canadian defence policy, in order to derive the. defence options open to
The Significance of North Norway to NATO Military Strategy
Abstract : The purpose of the report was to develop an appraisal of North Norway in order to determine the order of significance which should be attached to it in developing NATO strategy.
Norden: crossroads of destiny