Euparone, a new benzofuran from Ruscus aculeatus L.

  title={Euparone, a new benzofuran from Ruscus aculeatus L.},
  author={M. ElSohly and N. Doorenbos and M. W. Quimby and J. Knapp and D. Slatkin and P. Schiff},
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The structure of euparone, a new benzofuran from Ruscus aculeatus, as 2,5-diacetyl-6-hydroxybenzofuran was determined by spectral means and conversion to euparone methyl ether (O-methyleuparone). 
Ruscodibenzoruran, a new dibenzofuran from Ruscus aculeatus l. (liliaceae)
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Spirostanol saponins and esculin from Rusci rhizoma reduce the thrombin-induced hyperpermeability of endothelial cells.
In vitro data provide insight into the pharmacological mechanism by which the genuine spirostanol saponins and esculin can contribute to the efficacy of Butcher's broom against chronic venous disorders. Expand


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[The pharmacological properties of extract of Ruscus aculeatus L].
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