Euler obstructions for the Lagrangian Grassmannian

  title={Euler obstructions for the Lagrangian Grassmannian},
  author={Paul LeVan and Claudiu Raicu},
  journal={Algebraic Combinatorics},
We prove a case of a positivity conjecture of Mihalcea–Singh, concerned with the local Euler obstructions associated to the Schubert stratification of the Lagrangian Grassman- nian LG ( n, 2 n ). Combined with work of Aluffi–Mihalcea–Schürmann–Su, this further implies the positivity of the Mather classes for Schubert varieties in LG ( n, 2 n ), which Mihalcea–Singh had verified for the other cominuscule spaces of classical Lie type. Building on the work of Boe and Fu, we give a positive recursion… 



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