Eukaryotic DNA methylation: facts and problems.

  title={Eukaryotic DNA methylation: facts and problems.},
  author={Walter Doerfler and Mikl{\'o}s T{\'o}th and Stefan Kochanek and Sabine Achten and U Freisem-Rabien and Annett Behn-Krappa and G. Orend},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={268 2},
Patterns of DNA methylation in complex genomes like those of mammalian cells have been viewed as indicators of different levels of genetic activities. It is as yet unknown how these complicated patterns are generated and maintained during cell replication. There is evidence from many different biological systems that the sequence-specific methylation of promoters in higher eukaryotes is one of the important factors in controlling gene activity at a long-term level. In general, the fifth… CONTINUE READING

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