Euclidean black saddles and AdS4 black holes

  title={Euclidean black saddles and AdS4 black holes},
  author={Nikolay Bobev and Anthony M. Charles and Vincent S. Min},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We find new asymptotically locally AdS4 Euclidean supersymmetric solutions of the STU model in four-dimensional gauged supergravity. These “black saddles” have an S1 × $$ {\Sigma}_{\mathfrak{g}} $$ boundary at asymptotic infinity and cap off smoothly in the interior. The solutions can be uplifted to eleven dimensions and are holographically dual to the topologically twisted ABJM theory on S1 × $$ {\Sigma}_{\mathfrak{g}} $$ . We show explicitly that the on-shell action of the black saddle… 

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