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Euclid preparation. XXVII. Covariance model validation for the 2-point correlation function of galaxy clusters

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De Giorgi and University of Salento and Via per Arnesano and CP-I93 and 73100 and Lecce and INAF-Sezione di Lecce and Condici{\'o}n F{\'i}sica and Sezione di Lecce and CP-193 and Institute of Computer Science and Bucharest and 077125 and Romania. and Institute for Computational Science and University of Zurich and Winterthurerstrasse 190 and 8093 Zurich and Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics and The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh EH9 3FD and Universit'e St Joseph and Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Beirut and Lebanon},
Aims. We validate a semi-analytical model for the covariance of real-space 2-point correlation function of galaxy clusters. Methods. Using 1000 PINOCCHIO light cones mimicking the expected Euclid sample of galaxy clusters, we calibrate a simple model to accurately describe the clustering covariance. Then, we use such a model to quantify the likelihood analysis response to variations of the covariance, and investigate the impact of a cosmology-dependent matrix at the level of statistics expected… 
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