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Euclid: The importance of galaxy clustering and weak lensing cross-correlations within the photometric Euclid survey

  title={Euclid: The importance of galaxy clustering and weak lensing cross-correlations within the photometric Euclid survey},
  author={Isaac Tutusaus and Maurizio Martinelli and Vincenzo F. Cardone and Stefano Camera and S. Yahia-Cherif and S. Casas and Alain Blanchard and Martin Kilbinger and Fabien Lacasa and Z. Sakr and St'ephane Ili'c and Martin Kunz and Carmelita Carbone and Francisco J. Castander and F. Dournac and Pablo Fosalba and Thomas D. Kitching and Kristina Markovi{\'c} and Anna Mangilli and Valeria Pettorino and Domenico Sapone and Victoria Yankelevich and N. Auricchio and Roland Bender and Donata Bonino and Alexandre Boucaud and Massimo Brescia and Vittoria Capobianco and Jorge Carretero and Marco Castellano and Stefano Cavuoti and Rodolphe Cl{\'e}dassou and Giuseppe Congedo and Luca Conversi and Leonardo Corcione and A. Costille and Mark Cropper and Florian Dubath and Stefano Dusini and Giulio Fabbian and Marco Frailis and Eleonora Franceschi and Bianca Garilli and Frank Grupp and Luigi Guzzo and Henk Hoekstra and Felix Hormuth and Haydi Israel and Knud Jahnke and S. Kermiche and Bethany Kubik and Ren{\'e} Laureijs and S. Ligori and Per B. Lilje and Ivan Lloro and Elisabetta Maiorano and Ole Marggraf and R. Massey and Simona Mei and Emiliano Merlin and Georges Meylan and Lauro Moscardini and Pierros Ntelis and C. Padilla and St'ephane Paltani and F. Pasian and Will J. Percival and S. Pires and M{\'e}lissa Poncet and Frederic Raison and J. Rhodes and Mauro Roncarelli and Emanuel Rossetti and R. Saglia and Petra Schneider and Aur'elia Secroun and Sheila Rubio Serrano and Chiara Sirignano and Gabriele Sirri and J.-L. Starck and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Sureau and Andy N. Taylor and Ismael Tereno and Rafael Toledo-Moreo and Luca Valenziano and Y. Wang and Niraj Welikala and Jochen Weller and Andrea Zacchei and Julien Zoubian},
  journal={arXiv: Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics},
  • Isaac Tutusaus, Maurizio Martinelli, +87 authors Julien Zoubian
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics
  • The data from the Euclid mission will enable the measurement of the photometric redshifts, angular positions, and weak lensing shapes for over a billion galaxies. This large dataset will allow for cosmological analyses using the angular clustering of galaxies and cosmic shear. The cross-correlation (XC) between these probes can tighten constraints and it is therefore important to quantify their impact for Euclid. In this study we carefully quantify the impact of XC not only on the final… CONTINUE READING

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