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EuNiGe3, an equal moment anisotropic antiferromagnet

  title={EuNiGe3, an equal moment anisotropic antiferromagnet},
  author={Arvind Maurya and Pierre Bonville and Arumugam Thamizhavel and S K Dhar},
Single crystals of EuNiGe$_3$ crystallizing in the non-centrosymmetric BaNiSn$_3$-type structure have been grown using In flux, enabling us to explore the anisotropic magnetic properties which was not possible with previously reported polycrystalline samples. The EuNiGe$_3$ single crystalline sample is found to order antiferromagnetically at 13.2 K as revealed from the magnetic susceptibility, heat capacity and electrical resistivity data. The low temperature magnetization M(H) is distinctly…