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Etymological Dictionary of the Altaic Languages (3 vols)

  title={Etymological Dictionary of the Altaic Languages (3 vols)},
  author={Sergei Starostin and Anna V. Dybo and Oleg А. Mudrak},
Oroch vowel harmony revisited
This paper revisits Oroch vowel harmony previously analyzed in Tolskaya (2008) and propose a new analysis within the framework of modified contrastive specification (Dresher, 2009). In particular, IExpand
Long Vowels in Proto-Tungusic
This paper reviews 98 etymologies for which a Proto-Tungusic reconstruction with a long vowel has been suggested. It is shown that primary long vowels in non-first syllables are preserved only inExpand
Tarihî ve Modern Türk Dillerinde Es “Bilinç~Şuur ve Zihin” Sözcüğü ve Türevleri
Kisinin kendisini, cevresini ve etrafinda olup biteni anlama, kavrama ve tanimlama yetisine karsilik gelen “bilinc~suur ve zihin” kavram alani, Turk dilinin soyut yonunu gosteren zengin orneklerExpand
The State of the Art of the Genetic Relationship of Japonic: the Turanian and Altaic Hypotheses
The history of several attempts, both long-range and short-range, at linking the Japanese language is surveyed and scrutinized in the present paper. Special attention is given to some earlierExpand
Cuestiones etimológicas del alma originaria
La palabra que evoca el alma en las sociedades indígenas o tradicionales es conceptualmente más compleja más diversa y con más usos que la discreta alma cristiana. En este sentido, con el fin deExpand
On the Origins of the Japanese Language
Abstract In this article, I deal with the historical development of the Japanese language by applying a multi-disciplinary approach that uses data from a variety of fields. My research indicates thatExpand
Significance testing of the Altaic family
Historical linguists have been debating for decades about whether the classical comparative method provides sufficient evidence to consider Altaic languages as part of a single genetic unity,Expand
The Origins of Tree Names in Celtic
Abstract This paper deals with the long-debated question of the origins of tree names and the methodological problems related to PIE etymologies. It aims at putting forward some basic principles ofExpand