Etude des modalités de la mycorhization de pivots d'Eucalyptus globulus développés en clinostat

  title={Etude des modalit{\'e}s de la mycorhization de pivots d'Eucalyptus globulus d{\'e}velopp{\'e}s en clinostat},
  author={Jean Dexheimer and Jo{\"e}lle G{\'e}rard and Patricia Genet},
Summary The present study analyze the aptitude to the mycorrhization with Pisolithus tinctorius of tap root of seedlings of Eucalyptus globulus grown in a clinostat. Unlike the vertical tap roots developed in normal conditions, these tap roots are strongly colonized. The fungus builds an ectomycorrhiza with a dense mantle and massive intercellular structures equivalent to an Hartig net. Physiological perturbations, induced by the modification of the growth of the tap root, would be involved in… CONTINUE READING