Ettringite surface chemistry: Interplay of electrostatic and ion specificity.

  title={Ettringite surface chemistry: Interplay of electrostatic and ion specificity.},
  author={Marta Medala and Christophe Labbez and Isabelle Pochard and Andr{\'e} Nonat},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
  volume={354 2},
This paper presents a detailed experimental study combined with Monte Carlo (MC) simulations within the primitive model of the physical chemistry at the ettringite-water interface over a wide range of pH and bulk conditions for which ettringite exists thanks to its solubility in aqueous solutions. Ettringite, which is an important phase in hydrated cement-based systems, bears a permanent and positive structural charge. In contrast with previous studies, electrokinetic measurements together with… CONTINUE READING

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