Etoposide quinone is a redox-dependent topoisomerase II poison.

  title={Etoposide quinone is a redox-dependent topoisomerase II poison.},
  author={David A Jacob and Susan L Mercer and Neil Osheroff and Joseph E Deweese},
  volume={50 25},
Etoposide is a topoisomerase II poison that is used to treat a variety of human cancers. Unfortunately, 2-3% of patients treated with etoposide develop treatment-related leukemias characterized by 11q23 chromosomal rearrangements. The molecular basis for etoposide-induced leukemogenesis is not understood but is associated with enzyme-mediated DNA cleavage. Etoposide is metabolized by CYP3A4 to etoposide catechol, which can be further oxidized to etoposide quinone. A CYP3A4 variant is associated… CONTINUE READING


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