Etiology of respiratory tract infections in children in Cali, Colombia.

  title={Etiology of respiratory tract infections in children in Cali, Colombia.},
  author={Jorge M. Escobar and A S Dover and Alejandra Duenas and E C Leal and P. Sanchez de Medina and A Arguello and M de Gaiter and Donald L. Greer and R Spillman and Marco A. Reyes},
  volume={57 1},
One hundred eighty children hospitalized for acute respiratory disease were studied in Cali, Colombia. In the majority of patients, pneumonia was the reason for hospitalization and remained the final diagnosis. Fifty-one cases of pneumonia of indeterminate etiology comprised the largest single diagnostic category, followed by 38 cases of pneumonia associated with measles, and 22 cases assocaited with serologic evidence of infection with other viral agents or Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Etiologic… CONTINUE READING