Etiology of iliotibial band friction syndrome in distance runners.

  title={Etiology of iliotibial band friction syndrome in distance runners.},
  author={Stephen P. Messier and David William Edwards and David F. Martin and R B Lowery and David W. Cannon and Margaret K. James and Walton W. Curl and H M Read and D M Hunter},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={27 7},
The objectives of our study were: 1) to examine differences between a noninjured cohort of runners (N = 70) and runners afflicted with iliotibial band friction syndrome (ITBFS) (N = 56) according to selected anthropometric, biomechanical, muscular strength, and training measures; 2) to explore multivariate relationships among these measures in both the well and injured groups; and 3) to develop specific hypotheses concerning risk factors for injury that will later be tested in a prospective… CONTINUE READING