Etiology of early age onset substance use disorder: a maturational perspective.

  title={Etiology of early age onset substance use disorder: a maturational perspective.},
  author={Ralph E. Tarter and Michael M Vanyukov and Peter R Giancola and Martin Dawes and Timothy C Blackson and Ada C. Mezzich and Duncan B. Clark},
  journal={Development and psychopathology},
  volume={11 4},
The etiology of early age onset substance use disorder (SUD), an Axis I psychiatric illness, is examined from the perspective of the multifactorial model of complex disorders. Beginning at conception, genetic and environment interactions produce a sequence of biobehavioral phenotypes during development which bias the ontogenetic pathway toward SUD. One pathway to SUD is theorized to emanate from a deviation in somatic and neurological maturation, which, in the context of adverse environments… CONTINUE READING

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