Etiology and incidence of pressure ulcers in surgical patients.

  title={Etiology and incidence of pressure ulcers in surgical patients.},
  author={Alyce A Schultz and Mauo-Ying Bien and K Dumond and Kurt P. Brown and Alyssa Myers},
  journal={AORN journal},
  volume={70 3},
  pages={434, 437-40, 443-9}
This experimental study was designed to identify the etiology of pressure ulcers in a surgical sample and to evaluate a special OR mattress overlay in preventing pressure ulcer development. Surgical patients (N = 413) were randomized to receive "usual perioperative care" or the new mattress overlay. Over six postoperative days, 89 patients (21.5%) developed pressure ulcers, primarily stage I. Only 2% developed stage II or IV ulcers. Patients with ulcers were statistically older, had diabetes… CONTINUE READING