Ethylene glycol dry reforming on Ni/Al2O3 catalyst for syngas generation

  title={Ethylene glycol dry reforming on Ni/Al2O3 catalyst for syngas generation},
  author={Mahadi B. Bahari and Lau N. Jun and Mohd-Nasir Nor Shafiqah and Fahim Fayaz and Dai‐Viet N. Vo},
  journal={IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering},
  • M. Bahari, L. N. Jun, D. Vo
  • Published 28 December 2018
  • Chemistry
  • IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
It is the first time ethylene glycol dry reforming (EGDR) reaction was carried out for syngas production on 10%Ni/Al2O3 catalyst in a tubular fixed-bed reactor at atmospheric condition. Wet-impregnation method was employed for the synthesis of 10%Ni/Al2O3 catalyst. The results of X-ray diffraction measurement revealed the presence of γ-Al2O3, NiO, NiAl2O4, Ni0 and graphitic carbon phases on the surface of spent 10%Ni/Al2O3 catalyst. H2 temperature-programmed reduction indicates that NiO and… 
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