Ethylene Production from Pardee's CO2 Buffers

  title={Ethylene Production from Pardee's CO2 Buffers},
  author={F. R. Forsyth and C. A. Eaves},
  • F. R. Forsyth, C. A. Eaves
  • Published 1969
  • Chemistry
  • Fifteen milliliters of Pardee's CO2 buffer containing diethanolamine, thionrea, potassium bicarbonate and 6 N hydrochloric acid produces up to 108 μg of ethylene during a 42 hour period. Only 1/25 as much ethylene is produced from monoethanolamine and still less from triethanolamine. All components of the buffer with the exception of hydrochloric acid are necessary for maximum ethylene production. Increasing the level of hydrochloric acid depresses ethylene production. 

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