Ethoxyethanol behavioral teratology in rats.

  title={Ethoxyethanol behavioral teratology in rats.},
  author={Bella Nelson and W. Stephen Brightwell and Jean Setzer and Barbara J. Taylor and Richard William Hornung and Thomas L. O'Donohue},
  volume={2 2},
2-ethoxyethanol, a solvent developed for nitrocellulose and also used in lacquers, dyes, varnish removers, and in numerous industrial processes, was evaluated for possible functional effects in offspring of rats exposed during gestation. A dose finding study revealed that no offspring survived inhalation exposure (7 hours/day) from gestation days 7-13 or 14-20 at 900 ppm, and there were approximately 34 percent neonatal deaths even after prenatal exposure to 200 ppm-the current Federal… CONTINUE READING


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