Ethos, logos, pathos: Strategies of persuasion in social/environmental reports

  title={Ethos, logos, pathos: Strategies of persuasion in social/environmental reports},
  author={Colin Higgins and Robyn Walker},
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Rhetoric and Argument in Social and Environmental Reporting: The Dirty Laundry Case

Purpose - – The purpose of this paper is to explore the interactive element in social and environmental reporting during a controversy between business organisations and a stakeholder over

Persuasive language of responsible organisation? A critical discourse analysis of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports of Nigerian oil companies

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate how language (choice) in CSR reports of leading oil companies in Nigeria is used to portray an image of “responsible organisation”.

Understanding Communication of Sustainability Reporting: Application of Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT)

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the nature of rhetoric and rhetorical strategies that are implicit in the standalone sustainability reporting of the top 24 companies of the Fortune 500

Political Persuasion : Adopting Aristotelian Rhetoric in Public Policy Debate Strategies

This study explores the content of ethos, pathos, and logos in Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-Jeou’s political discourse on the cross-strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA). Ma’s

Corporate social responsibility communication in social networking sites: unfinalisable and dialogical processes of legitimation

Building upon constitutive models of corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication, which appreciate the role of both organisations and stakeholders in constructing CSR, this thesis suggests

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Sustainability has become a key concept in the debate over global environmental challenges. With the view that at the heart of the environmental debate is undoubtedly the text, this paper examines

Exploring the meaning of climate change discourses: an impression management exercise?

Purpose This study aims to analyze how language is used to present climate change information in the narratives of Malaysian companies’ annual reports. Design/methodology/approach The study uses

Managing legitimacy following loss of human life: Loblaw and Rana Plaza

Purpose: This qualitative paper is about social reporting in response to an incident that involved the loss of human life. It examines Loblaw’s disclosures following the Rana Plaza building collapse

Discursive Strategies of ‘Oromara’: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Abiy Ahmed’s Political Rhetoric

This article analyzes the political rhetoric Abiy Ahmed used to advocate integration between the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups, recasting it as “Oromara.” Its objectives are: identifying the



The Discourse of the Middle Ground

In this study, Foucauldian theory is used to interpret a corporate social report published by the Royal Dutch/Shell Group to reveal the contours of an emerging corporate discourse of sustainability

Social and environmental reporting and hegemonic discourse

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to explore the construction/reproduction of capitalist discourse through social and environmental reporting (SER) and, from this, to consider the implications

Sensemaking, rhetoric and the socially competent entrepreneur

A significant barrier to creating and sustaining firms are the difficulties experienced in continually legitimating their institutional structures. This is especially the case for small firms;

Eco-Identity as Discursive Struggle: Royal Dutch/Shell, Brent Spar, and Nigeria

This paper addresses eco-discourse by the corporate rhetor that emerged in the wake of two environmental disputes. While such green business rhetoric might be conventionally viewed as a category of

Transparent and Caring Corporations?

This article analyzes sustainability values reports published by The Body Shop International and bythe Royal Dutch/Shell Group. The authors show how corporate discourses expressed in these


Purpose - Through an analysis of corporate sustainable development reporting, this paper seeks to examine critically language use and other visual (re)presentations of sustainable development within

Conceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Nature of Managerial Capture

Furnishes a narrative reflecting an in‐depth examination of managerial conceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Irish context. The narrative locates itself within the debate

Business conceptions of sustainable development: a perspective from critical theory

The discourse of sustainable development reflects the particular interests and ‘stakes in the ground’ of groups, including corporates, who contest the definition of the concept. Perspectives from

The ethos of rhetoric

In The "Ethos" of Rhetoric, fourteen noted rhetorical theorists and critics answer a summons to return ethics from abstraction to the particular. They discuss and explore a meaning of ethos that

Acquiring Organizational Legitimacy Through Illegitimate Actions: A Marriage of Institutional and Impression Management Theories

This article links institutional and impression management perspectives in a process model of how controversial and possibly unlawful actions of members of organizations can lead to endorsement and