Ethological inferences on Pleistocene rhinoceroses of Europe

  title={Ethological inferences on Pleistocene rhinoceroses of Europe},
  author={P. Mazza and A. Azzaroli},
  journal={Rendiconti Lincei},
  • P. Mazza, A. Azzaroli
  • Published 1993
  • Biology
  • Rendiconti Lincei
  • The skulls of the five living species,Diceros bicornis (L.),Ceratotherium simum (Burchell),Rhinoceros unicornis L., R.sondaicus Desmarest andDicerorhinus sumatrensis (Fischer) are carefully examined to recognize the characters which may give evidence on specific life habits. The state of these characters is analysed in the skulls of Pleistocene rhinocerotids of Europe, namelyStephanorhinus etruscus (Falconer),S. hundsheimensis (Toula),S. kirchbergensis (Jäger),S. hemitoechus (Falconer… CONTINUE READING
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    Functional and phylogenetic constraints in Rhinocerotinae craniodental morphology
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