Ethnoreligious Politics in France: Jews and Muslims

  title={Ethnoreligious Politics in France: Jews and Muslims},
  author={William Safran},
  journal={West European Politics},
  pages={423 - 451}
This article focuses on the relationship between the two major ethnoreligious communities – the Jews and the Muslims – and the state in France, as reflected in lobbying, electoral behaviour, and public policies. It shows how the evolution of that relationship, an aspect of the politics of ethnicity, religion and multiculturalism, has been both a cause and a consequence of modifications in approaches to secularism, communitarianism and affirmative action. Finally, it deals with the question to… 

Cultural Contestation in Ethnic Conflict

1. Introduction: easy questions and hard answers. What are they fighting about? 2. The political psychology of competing narratives 3. Narratives and performance: ritual enactment and psychocultural

Labelling Migrants: From Migrant Workers to ‘Muslims’

  • Ayhan Kaya
  • History
    Turkish Origin Migrants and Their Descendants
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This chapter briefly outlines the discursive shifts practised in Western European countries in labelling migrants and their descendants since the early days of migration experiences in the 1960s,

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THE POLITICAL THEOLOGY OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION Mark R. Royce, Ph.D. George Mason University, 2016 Dissertation Director: Dr. Mariely Lopez-Santana This dissertation undertakes the first comprehensive

The governance of Islam in Western Europe. A state of the art



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Interest-group politics in France

List of figures List of tables Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Alternative views of interest-groups politics in western democracies 3. interest groups and politics: the non-occupational groups 4.

La France et l'Islam

"Alors que la Republique croyait avoir definitivement maitrise le probleme de ses minorites, la presence massive et vraisemblablement definitive de musulmans en France, et celle de l'islam, devenu la

Intégration et militantisme politique: Le cas des jeunes d'origine maghrébine en France

Jusqu'à une date récente, la sociologie politique du militantisme, tant française qu'américaine, s'était focalisée sur certains déterminants du militantisme comme le statut social et la socialisation

Quelques réflexions sur la question des identités collectives en France aujourd’hui

Note portant sur l’auteur Les quelques reflexions qui vont suivre ne pretendent pas constituer un travail acheve sur l’identite francaise, elles se veulent simplement une modeste contribution a

Les fous de la République : histoire politique des Juifs d'État, de Gambetta à Vichy

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Juifs et israélites

Les ''Beurs,'' les ''potes

  • Identités culturelles et conduites politiques', Politix
  • 1990