Ethnologue: Languages of the world (review)

  title={Ethnologue: Languages of the world (review)},
  author={Lyle Campbell and Ver{\'o}nica Grondona},
  pages={636 - 641}
A Micro-Typological Study of Shina : A Hindu Kush Language Cluster
In this thesis, 9 Indo-Aryan languages which have previously been classified as Shina languages were analyzed. A cognate analysis of basic vocabulary was conducted, in order to explore the relatedn
Language Preferences on Websites and in Google Searches for Human Health and Food Information
Based on the strong preference for searching the Internet for health information in the local language, indigenous language, or immigrant language of origin, global and domestic health and food agencies should continue their efforts to translate their institutional websites into more languages.
Morpho-Phonological Analysis of the Hasawi Possessive Adjective
The formation of the Hasawi first-person possessive adjective (FPPA) is seen by most people as a distinctive or marked feature for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). This study aimed at investigating the
Investigating Lexical Variation in British Sign Language in Leeds
This research investigates lexical variation in British Sign Language (BSL) in Leeds, and the extent to which variation in signs for the numbers one to twenty correlate to signer age. Previous
Gamified EFL Instruction : An Overview of the Most Recent Research Trends
  • Education
  • 2018
This paper provides an overview of six gamified learning environments that were developed for teaching English as a foreign language (EFL). The tools were reported upon in publications that appeared
Building Large-Vocabulary ASR Systems for Languages Without Any Audio Training Data
This paper presents a way to build an ASR system system for a language even in the absence of any audio training data in that language at all, by simply re-using an existing acoustic model from a phonologically similar language, without any kind of modification or adaptation towards the target language.
" Everyone Brings Their Grain of Salt " : Designing for Low-Literate Parental Engagement with Children ’ s Literacy in Côte d ’ Ivoire
Significant research has demonstrated the crucial role that parents play in supporting the development of children’s literacy, but in contexts where adults may lack sufficient literacy in the target
Levenshtein Distances Fail to Identify Language Relationships Accurately
The performance of the Levenshtein distance for classifying languages by subsampling three language subsets from a large database of Austronesian languages shows poor performance, suggesting the need for more linguistically nuanced methods for automated language classification tasks.


Language Classification: History and Method
This chapter discusses how languages are shown to be related to one another and how the philosophical-psychological-typological-evolutionary approach to language relationships contributed to the development of comparative linguistics.
The American Indian Languages
THE admirable volume referred to below1 forms the first portion of a systematic account of the American Indian languages. It has been in preparation for many years, and has grown out of an attempt to
Australian Languages: Their Nature and Development
This chapter discusses the language situation in Australia, and discusses nouns, classifiers, genders and noun classes, as well as morphological and syntactic profiles, and the role of pronouns in this situation.