Ethnography, Historiography, and the Making of History in the Tradition of the Anastenaria

  title={Ethnography, Historiography, and the Making of History in the Tradition of the Anastenaria},
  author={Dimitris Xygalatas},
  journal={History and Anthropology},
  pages={57 - 74}
  • D. Xygalatas
  • Published 1 March 2011
  • History
  • History and Anthropology
In five villages of Northern Greece, the communities of the Anastenaria have a long tradition of fire‐walking rituals. The Anastenaria are Orthodox Christians, and their rituals are performed in honour of saints Constantine and Helen. However, the majority of Greek scholars have argued that these rituals originate from the ancient orgiastic cults of Dionysus. This theory was intentionally designed to serve specific political agendas, namely to prove the continuity of Greek civilization from… 
Cultural Diversity in Greek Religion: From the Modern Anastenaria Festival to the Ancient World
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Refugee rituals: continuity and change in the Anastenaria festival in Macedonian Greece
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