Ethnoecology of Kaleka: Dayak's Agroforestry in Kapuas, Central Kalimantan Indonesia

  title={Ethnoecology of Kaleka: Dayak's Agroforestry in Kapuas, Central Kalimantan Indonesia},
  author={Anggie Abban Rahu and Kliwon Hidayat and M. Erwin Ariyadi and Luchman Hakim},
The aims of the research were to describe the socio-cultural aspect of Kaleka and its floristic diversity. The research was done in two villages in Central Kalimantan, namely, Dahian Tambuk and Tumbang Danau. This study confirms that Kaleka plays an important role in social, cultural and economical aspects of Dayak Kapuas. Plant resources in Kaleka are used and distributed by following two basic principles, namely, equality and sustainability. Local people’s respect to their ancestors is… CONTINUE READING


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