Ethno-national conflict and its management

  title={Ethno-national conflict and its management},
  author={Eric Taylor Woods and Robert Schertzer and Eric Kaufmann},
  journal={Commonwealth \& Comparative Politics},
  pages={153 - 161}
This special issue of Commonwealth & Comparative Politics covers the topic of ethno-national conflict management, with a particular focus on the intersection between this body of work and the inter... 
The Role of Identity Perceptions on Security : The Western Balkans Case
This thesis tries to provide valuable insight and explain the role of identity perceptions on security as a means to avert conflicts and security threats. The aim is to provide an identity based ex
Managing Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka through Constitutional Arrangements
  • Ilam Khan
  • Political Science
    NUST Journal of International Peace & Stability
  • 2021
Marginalization causes conflicts; they may be political, social, or economic. A careful contemplation over the history of Sri Lanka reveals that the sentiments of being marginalized have been present
Women used as Weapons of War in Conflict Zones: A Case Study of Indian Held Kashmir Post 1990
‘This Qualitative in-depth study aimed to explore whether women are treated as a weapon of war in conflict zones. Women are exploited, and their feminity is used against them as a weapon, and Indian
Between the flag and the globe: the national identity of Israeli students at United World Colleges and at local Israeli schools
ABSTRACT This study focuses on the intersection of global and local identity as it pertains to the case of Israeli youth studying at United World Colleges (UWC) versus those studying at local
Emotional intelligence competences of three different ethnic groups in Indonesia
This study attempts to provide a portrayal of emotional intelligence (EI) of the Indonesians, one of the fourth most populous countries and multiethnic societies in the world, specifically across the
Self-stigma, insight, and family burden among Israeli mothers of people with serious mental illness: Ethno-national considerations
Self-stigma was found to mediate the relationship between insight and burden among Jewish mothers but not among Arab mothers, and Ethno-national affiliation should be taken into consideration regarding how family members conceptualize and experience mental illness.


Nations, States, and Violence
1. The Pandemonium of Nations 2. National Cascades 3. The Cultural Foundations of Nationalism 4. Nations and the Twenty-First Century State 5. Managing the Multi-National State
Theories of Nationalism: A Critical Introduction
Preface to the Second Edition Introduction Discourses and Debates on Nationalism Primordialism-Perennialism Modernism Ethnosymbolism New Approaches to Nationalism Rethinking Nationalism Conclusion
Complex Power-sharing and the Centrality of Territorial Self-governance in Contemporary Conflict Settlements
This article contends that three key characteristics in the context of self-determination conflicts are crucial in determining the institutional design of their settlement: the compactness of groups'
The Geography of Ethnic Violence: Identity, Interests, and the Indivisibility of Territory
The Forgotten Meaning of Territory examines the relationship between territory and violence in Russia, Georgia, and Abkhazia and the results suggest that the former is dominated by the former and the latter by the latter.
Nations as zones of conflict
Introduction An Alternative Model Organisation PART ONE: ZONES OF CONFLICT Introduction The Modernist Critique Ethnosymbolists and Recurring Factors Ethnogenetic Factors Ethnie as Social and
Minorities at risk: A global view of ethnopolitical conflicts
The turmoil in Yugoslavia, the rebellions of the Kurds and Shi???is in Iraq, the ongoing struggle in South Africa???ethnic conflict continues unabated in many areas of the world.To help us understand
The Making and Unmaking of Ethnic Boundaries: A Multilevel Process Theory1
  • A. Wimmer
  • Sociology
    American Journal of Sociology
  • 2008
Primordialist and constructivist authors have debated the nature of ethnicity “as such” and therefore failed to explain why its characteristics vary so dramatically across cases, displaying different
Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town
Rogers Brubaker and his associates undertake an ambitious and challenging task in their monograph on Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town. Their “task” is to examine
Race and ethnicity: A sociobiological perspective
(1978). Race and ethnicity: A sociobiological perspective. Ethnic and Racial Studies: Vol. 1, No. 4, pp. 401-411.
Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism
What makes people love and die for nations, as well as hate and kill in their name? While many studies have been written on nationalist political movements, the sense of nationality - the personal