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Ethno Medicine and Curative Practices of Savara Tribe in India

  title={Ethno Medicine and Curative Practices of Savara Tribe in India},
  author={Delliswararao Konduru},
  journal={Imperial journal of interdisciplinary research},
  • Delliswararao Konduru
  • Published 1 April 2016
  • Political Science
  • Imperial journal of interdisciplinary research
Etymologically, in Sanskrit, Savara or Sabara means a mountaineer. It is believed that savaras were one of the indigenous tribes of pre-historic India adept in manufacturing painted pottery and even copper tools and weapons. H.D.Sankalia was of the opinion that “the bearers of the Nevasa – Nevadatoli culture as well as of the copper hoard belong to indigenous tribes, such as Nishads, Pulindas, Savars, some of whom though now quite primitive might have made 3000-4000 years ago beautiful painted… 

Empowerment of Savara Tribal Women among the Marginalized communities of India: An Ethnographic profile

The Savars are mostly found in Southern Odisha and in north coastal Andhra Pradesh. According to 2011 Census the Savaras, numbering 1, 37, 613 (5.23%) are one of the most populous tribes in the