Ethnicity-specific differences in L-arginine status in South African men

  title={Ethnicity-specific differences in L-arginine status in South African men},
  author={Matthew C. P. Glyn and Maike Anderssohn and Nicole L{\"u}neburg and Johannes M. van Rooyen and Rudolph Schutte and Hugo Willem Huisman and Carla Maria Theresia Fourie and Wayne A. Smith and Leon{\'e} Malan and Nicolaas Theodore Malan and Catharina Mc Mels and Rainer H. Boeger and Aletta Elisabeth Schutte},
  journal={Journal of Human Hypertension},
The aetiology for an increasing incidence of hypertensive cardiovascular disease amongst Africans in southern Africa is unclear. Hypertension may be induced by inadequate release of L-arginine-derived nitric oxide impairing vascular tone regulation. In addition, asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) is associated with cardiovascular disease. We compared profiles of L-arginine in African and Caucasian men of similar age with cardiovascular risk factors. We studied 163 Caucasian and 132 African men… CONTINUE READING


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