Ethnicity and the relationship between adolescent alcohol use and suicidal behavior

  title={Ethnicity and the relationship between adolescent alcohol use and suicidal behavior},
  author={Shelly A Groves and Barbara H Stanley and Leo Sher},
  journal={International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health},
  pages={19 - 26}
Adolescent suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States and alcohol consumption is estimated to cause adolescent males to be up to 17 times more likely to attempt suicide, and females three times more likely to attempt suicide. Suicide and suicide attempt rates vary across different ethnicities. Also, associated psychopathology, stressors and substance use differ across ethnic groups in adolescents. In an exhaustive review of the literature, we found that depressed Asian… 

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As adolescents of Latin, African, Asian, Native or aboriginal, and European ethnicity live all over the world, the findings inform future studies on adolescent depression, alcohol use, and suicidal behaviors among adolescents representing these ethnic groups in any part of the globe.
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