Ethnic differences in macular thickness.

  title={Ethnic differences in macular thickness.},
  author={Yasser M Tariq and Haitao Li and George Burlutsky and Paul Mitchell},
  journal={Clinical & experimental ophthalmology},
  volume={39 9},
BACKGROUND To determine ethnic differences in time-domain (Stratus) optical coherence tomography-measured macular thickness in 12-year-old children. DESIGN Population-based cross-sectional study. PARTICIPANTS A total of 2367 children from grade 7 (mean age 12.7 ± 0.45 years) examined during the Sydney Myopia Study during 2004-2005. METHODS Examination included determination of best corrected visual acuity. Autorefraction was performed after cycloplegia. Axial length was measured using non… CONTINUE READING