Ethnic Innovation and U.S. Multinational Firm Activity

  title={Ethnic Innovation and U.S. Multinational Firm Activity},
  author={C. Fritz Foley and William R. Kerr},
  journal={Kauffman: Entrepreneurship Scholars Initiatives (Topic)},
  • C. Foley, W. Kerr
  • Published 1 August 2011
  • Business
  • Kauffman: Entrepreneurship Scholars Initiatives (Topic)
This paper studies the impact that ethnic innovators have on the global activities of U.S. firms by analyzing detailed data on patent applications and on the operations of the foreign affiliates of U.S. multinational firms. The results indicate that increases in the share of a firm's innovation performed by inventors of a particular ethnicity are associated with increases in the share of that firm's affiliate activity in countries related to that ethnicity. Ethnic innovators also appear to… 

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    The Review of Economics and Statistics
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