Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Europe after 1945

  title={Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Europe after 1945},
  author={Gregor Thum},
  journal={Contemporary European History},
  pages={75 - 81}
  • Gregor Thum
  • Published 16 December 2009
  • Medicine
  • Contemporary European History
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A century of ethnic changes in the Romanian territories united with the Kingdom of Romania in 1918
The objective of the study is to clarify to what extent the alienation of a territory and the dynamics of the urbanization process may affect the evolution of the ethnic structure of the population
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Abstract Humanitarian interventions routinely come with media components, because of the media’s assumed ability to counter hate and support reconciliation. Radio programmes for peace should enable
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ionist ontology view reality as context less, atomistic and thin. Contextless means that people, places and things are separate from and transcend the particular contexts of everyday experience


The War for Legitimacy in Politics and Culture 1936-1946
Foreword Chapter One: Political Legitimacy in Mid-Twentieth Century Europe: An Introduction Chapter Two: Legitimacy in Inter-War Europe Chapter Three: Wartime National Legitimacy: Ownership,
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