Ethnic Cleansing as an Instrument of Nation-State Creation: Changing State Practices and Evolving Legal Norms

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State Control Policies and the Path Towards Ethnic Cleansing: The Case of the Palestinian Arab Bedouin in Israel
The notion of nation is quite recent. It is intertwined with that of equal citizenship and nationality, the aim of the state is to uniform those who are going to become its citizens, under a
In the Shadow of Genocide: Ethnocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and International Order
Internationally regarded as “the crime of crimes” in both legal and moral terms, the concept of genocide has towered over discussions of ethnic conflict and mass violence since the Second World
“Aquí no hay negros”: Policies of Invisibilisation and the Impact on Afro-Descendent Media in Argentina
  • S. Harris
  • Political Science
    Palgrave Studies in Journalism and the Global South
  • 2021
Engineering an Ethnic Mosaic: The Institutionalization of Civic Nationalism in Kosovo, Israel, and the West Bank
A perfect storm of ethnic-based violence is on the horizon, spurred on by increasing diversity, climate change, and the inability of many societies to handle these trends. This thesis examines the
Reading Population Transfer in International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law through the Principle of Humanity
Population transfer is a cause and consequence of armed conflict. It entails the arbitrary displacement of the population, the implantation of settlers and unlawful confinement. It is a violation of
Socialization of International Human Rights Norms: The Bosnian Case.
Conflict of National Identity in Sudan
This study addresses the contemporary conflict of national identity in Sudan between the adherents of Islamic nationalism and those of customary secularism. The former urge the adoption of a national