Ethics for Management Consultants

  title={Ethics for Management Consultants},
  author={Flemming Poulfelt},
  journal={Global Business Issues eJournal},
  • F. Poulfelt
  • Published 1 April 1997
  • Psychology
  • Global Business Issues eJournal
Management consultants and their moral standards and behaviour have been questioned and caricatured, but it is not sufficiently appreciated that they frequently have to operate in situations which are characterized by ambiguity, ignorance, uncertainty and sensitivity and they cannot always simply apply ethical rules in cooperating with their clients. In addition, more attention should be given to the ethics of the client, and “dual ethics” should be a joint concern. Research among consultants… 
Aristotle and the Management Consultants: Shooting for Ethical Practice
The academic literature on management consulting raises many questions about the ethics of management consulting. The uncertain, emergent, and often socially constructed nature of management
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This thesis provides an in-depth study of the consultant client relationship. It focuses on the phenomenon of legitimation which has been neglected in the prior literature. Legitimation is critical
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The management consulting firms’ competence and capacity to provide high quality services and thereby create, transfer and develop managerial knowledge have an important role for the client firms and
Moral or Dirty Leadership: A Qualitative Study on How Juniors Are Managed in Dutch Consultancies
It is found that managers put several pressures on their juniors; these pressures bring high levels of stress, lowered wellbeing and burnout, and consultant managers employed several moral leadership tactics to counteract the negative consequences criticized in society.
Business Consulting vs. Channeling: What is the Difference?
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Philanthropic tourism and ethics in charitable organizations: a case study in Central Kenya
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Managementberatung und Ethik
Managementberatung und Ethik sind keine Widerspruche, denn professionelle Beratungsdienstleistungen sind nur moglich unter Zugrundelegung einer ethischen Perspektive. Auf der Basis von empirischen
Aristotle and the Function of Management Consultants
  • D. Shaw
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  • 2022
Learning from Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • D. Shaw
  • Philosophy
    An Ancient Greek Philosophy of Management Consulting
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