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Ethically sourced animal cadavers and tissue: Considerations for education and training

  title={Ethically sourced animal cadavers and tissue: Considerations for education and training},
  author={Siri Martinsen and Nick Jukes},
This paper describes 'ethically sourced' animal cadavers and tissue, as defined by the InterNICHE Policy, and addresses the importance of using cadavers and tissue only from these sources when material is needed for the purpose of education and training. The attitudes developed by students and trainees using ethically sourced material and conventional sources are compared and discussed. Examples are given where the use of ethically sourced cadavers and tissue has been successfully implemented… 
Ethical Animal use in Education and Training: From Clinical Rotations to Ethically Sourced Cadavers
  • N. Jukes
  • Medicine
    Alternatives to laboratory animals : ATLA
  • 2014
The InterNICHE Policy defines the concept of ‘ethically sourced’ material to encourage replacement and enhance the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes
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  • T. Capaldo
  • Biology, Medicine
    Alternatives to laboratory animals : ATLA
  • 2004
The psychological consequences to individuals combined with social, environmental, educational and scientific consequences present a compelling argument for the 100% replacement of the harmful use of animals in education.
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