Ethical implications and decision making in care education process.

  title={Ethical implications and decision making in care education process.},
  author={Layse Kelle Silva and Paulo Roberto Dos Santos Marins and T{\'a}bata Cerqueira Nascimento Nobre and Iracema da Silva Fraz{\~a}o and Darci de Oliveira Santa Rosa},
  journal={Investigacion y educacion en enfermeria},
  volume={32 2},
OBJECTIVE To determine ethical implications for nursing practice at the point of decision making by nursing professors in practice area. METHODOLOGY A qualitative method was adopted, with use of semistructured interviews with sixteen nursing professors who delivered care at a teaching hospital in Salvador, Bahia, from May to June 2011. The methodological reference used was the discourse of the collective subject (DCS) by Lefévre and Lefévre. RESULTS . In response to DCSs, the following… CONTINUE READING