Ethical considerations of urban ecological design and planning experiments

  title={Ethical considerations of urban ecological design and planning experiments},
  author={Diane E. Pataki and Carlos Santana and Sarah Jack Hinners and Alexander J. Felson and Jesse Engebretson},


Positive long-term impacts of restoration on soils in an experimental urban forest.
The results show that site treatments and tree planting can have long-lasting impacts on soil conditions and that these changes can support multiple urban land management objectives.
Principles for knowledge co-production in sustainability research
Research practice, funding agencies and global science organizations suggest that research aimed at addressing sustainability challenges is most effective when ‘co-produced’ by academics and
Monuments as Commitments: How Art Speaks to Groups and How Groups Think in Art
Art can be addressed, not just to individuals, but to groups. Art can even be part of how groups think to themselves – how they keep a grip on their values over time. I focus on monuments as a case
To co-produce or not to co-produce
Researchers, stakeholders and funding organizations have embraced co-production of knowledge to solve sustainability problems. Research focusing on the practice of co-production can help us
Co-production of Knowledge in Multi-stakeholder Processes: Analyzing Joint Experimentation as Social Learning
Abstract Purpose: Changing research design and methodologies regarding how researchers articulate with end-users of technology is an important consideration in developing sustainable agricultural
Action, research and participation: roles of researchers in sustainability transitions
In sustainability science, the tension between more descriptive–analytical and more process-oriented approaches is receiving increasing attention. The latter entails a number of roles for
Professional Ethics and Beyond: Values in Planning
Abstract Professionalization of planning and the credentialing processes that will accompany it add importance to a review of the role of professional ethics in planning. Existing ethical standards
The Nature of Gentrification
Gentrification research provides many important insights into the transformation of contemporary urban landscapes, yet more careful attention to nature's role in this process is necessary. This essay
Ecological Gentrification: A Research Agenda Exploring Justice in the City
Abstract In this symposium convened to celebrate the tenth anniversary of David Harvey's Justice, Nature and the Geography of Difference, it is fitting to re-visit key themes in that seminal work,