Ethical Values of Information and Library Professionals — An Expanded Analysis

  title={Ethical Values of Information and Library Professionals — An Expanded Analysis},
  author={Wallace C. Koehler and Jitka M. Hurych and Wanda V. Dole and JoAnna Wall},
  journal={The International Information \& Library Review},
  pages={485 - 507}
L'A. analyse les valeurs ethiques percues comme primordiales par les bibliothecaires et les professionnels de l'information dans le cadre de leur travail. Apres avoir passe en revue la litterature consacree a ce sujet, il livre les resultats d'une enquete realisee en 2000 a l'echelle internationale : il analyse les differences entre les valeurs citees, en fonction de l'origine geographique, du sexe, du type et du role des professionnels. L'enquete permet d'identifier les six valeurs… 
L’accommodation des valeurs professionnelles aux valeurs culturelles chez les bibliothécaires universitaires sénégalais
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The shared core of behavioral norms among these professions, all grounded in core moral principles, point to many opportunities for building effective interprofessional communication and collaboration regarding the development, management, and use of health information resources and technologies.
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Professional ethics seems to be gaining importance as the library environment changes under the influence of new technologies and new legislation of concern for libraries is continuously introduced.


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The library profession has been concerned with ethical issues since its beginning. Ethical issues raised in the early years dealt primarily with librarians’ responsibility to the employer or patron.
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It is concluded that inquiries should always remain confidential, but that scientists should be willing to divulge non-confiden tial matter to bona fide third parties and should be prepared to reveal confidential matter if the public interest warrants it.