Ethical Questions about Working with Soundscapes

  title={Ethical Questions about Working with Soundscapes},
  author={Andra McCartney},
  journal={Organised Sound},
  pages={160 - 165}
When soundscape composers, documentarians and artists work with soundscapes, they are expressing relationships with the world, through their treatment of place, sounds and audience. A number of questions could be asked about these expressions about places, the ethics of these expressions, and the ways in which these ethics are informed by underlying ideologies of sound, of sound production and of sound ecology. One key question concerns a common distinction between ‘high-fidelity’ and ‘low… 
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Spectral Music and the Appeal to Nature
Abstract Discourse surrounding spectral music frequently makes reference to nature and related language. Practitioners, theorists, and musicologists have discussed different aspects and perspectives
The Sounds of Crime and Punishment ; a Review of Different Prison Types in Regard to Their Binary Soundscapes
The paper tackles the soundscapes of prisons as a manifestation of the power relations within the physical and spatial landscapes of imprisonment. In this context, the paper argues that duality
Acoustic Ecology and the World Soundscape Project
The emergence of the World Soundscape Project (WSP) in the late 1960s and early 1970s has been widely regarded as creating a foundation for the study of “acoustic ecology,” with composer R. Murray
R. Murray Schafer (1933–2021) and the World Soundscape Project
This in memoriam tribute for Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer focuses on his seminal work in establishing soundscape studies and the World Soundscape Project. It discusses his intellectual legacy
Il paesaggio sonoro nella composizione musicale. Un percorso bibliografico
Over the last few decades there has been a proliferation of different fields of study directly derived from what can now be defined as a real discipline: the soundscape. Because of the growing number
[hlysnan]: The Notion and Politics of Listening
Cette publication anglophone est concue comme l’extension theorique et conceptuelle de l’exposition eponyme du Casino Luxembourg en 2013 concue par Berit Fischer et Kevin Muhlen. Dans l’avant-propos,


The Soundscape of Modernity: Architectural Acoustics and the Culture of Listening in America, 1900-1933 (review)
apprentices and other eyewitnesses, sometimes combative letters between architect and client and all kinds of behind-the-scenes sources, it really does read like a novel while also maintaining the
The soundscape of modernity: Architectural acoustics and the culture of listening in America, 1900–1933
The American soundscape changed dramatically during the early decades of the twentieth century as new acoustical developments transformed both what people heard and the ways that they listened. What
An Introduction to Acoustic Ecology
As a reader of this journal it is possible that you attach a certain significance to sound. Maybe you are a musician, an audio engineer, an architect, a foley artist, a marine biologist, or a
The thesis presents and analyses three approaches to the subjective approach of the everyday sound environment: The World Soundscape Project descriptive model, Barry Truax’s information based
The Politics of Presque rien
Critical reception of Luc Ferrari’s Presque rien ou le lever du jour au bord de la mer (“Almost nothing, or daybreak at the seashore”) (1967–70) has been consistent in the three and a half decades
The Ethical Soundscape: Cassette Sermons and Islamic Counterpublics
AcknowledgmentsNote on Transcription1. Introduction2. Islam, Nationalism, and Audition3. The Ethics of Listening4. Cassettes and Counterpublics5. Rhetorics of the Da iya6. The Acoustics of Death7.
‘Turn it down!’ she shrieked: gender, domestic space, and high fidelity, 1948–59
This is the space age. Not just for sputniks and moonshots but also for hi-fi. We have ‘space’ conveyed through stereo sound – if we can find space for that extra stereo speaker. The theory that
Ecotone Hierarchies.
  • J. Gosz
  • Environmental Science
    Ecological applications : a publication of the Ecological Society of America
  • 1993
This paper addresses aspects of the ecotone concept that relate to the strength of interactions between adjacent systems for a hierarchy of ecotones in a biome transition area in central New Mexico on the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge.
Kinnebrew’s Grand River Sculpture expands the concepts of sculpture/ architecture from single structure to architectural site. This parallels the expansion of landscape elements into mini-parks or
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