Ethical Considerations in Conducting Research with Non-native Speakers of English

  title={Ethical Considerations in Conducting Research with Non-native Speakers of English},
  author={Joanna Koulouriotis},
  journal={TESL Canada Journal},
The ethical considerations of three education researchers working with nonnative English-speaking participants were examined from a critical theory standpoint in the light of the literature on research ethics in various disciplines. Qualitative inquiry and data analysis were used to identify key themes, which centered around honor and respect for participants’ voices and the researchers’ perceived limitations of university research ethics boards (REBs) to address adequately their concerns when… 
Ethical issues in multilingual research situations: a focus on interview-based research
Interview-based research in multilingual situations can present researchers with specific ethical challenges relating to language-based power play, data handling and presentation. Studies indicate
Ethical Considerations in Research
For beginning researchers undertaking their first major research project, can often be a time of mixed emotions. Initial meetings with supervisors or research collaborators involve addressing
Methodological Considerations for Qualitative Research with Immigrant Populations: Lessons from Two Studies
Often, research strategies are guided by principles developed based on mainstream U.S. cultural norms. Immigrants, however, may differ in their cultural backgrounds and previous exposure to research.
Ethics and Its Relations With Education and Research
Brazilian studies in (Critical) Applied Linguistics’ field have being carried out focusing on ethics. They focused on the relation between ethics and two main contexts: education and research. This
Informed consent in research on second language acquisition
The practice of securing informed consent from research participants has a relatively low profile in second language (L2) acquisition research, despite its prominence in the biomedical and social
Ethical and Responsible Cross‐Cultural Interviewing: Theory to Practice Guidance for Human Performance and Workplace Learning Professionals
Conducting interviews in a cross-cultural setting is increasingly common for human performance technology (HPT) practitioners and researchers. Planning to conduct interviews in a culture that the
The African Context, Cultural Competence and Emic Aspects of Qualitative Research
ABSTRACT The context of African and Eastern emerging markets often requires research methods to be adapted for culture and less sophisticated levels of human development. Recently there have been
What's in a Name? Exploring Anglicized Naming Practices amongst Chinese International Students
This study seeks to use Kim’s Cross-Cultural Adaptation Theory to gain a better understanding of the process students from China go through when they choose to Anglicize their names. This thesis
Developing a Model for the Evaluation of Iranian EFL Teachers’ Awareness of the Code of Ethics in Research
Conducting educational research is not an arbitrary practice. When implementing educational research, teachers, as researchers, need to adhere to ethical rules and norms. Thus, developing an
A Comparative Study on Iranian EFL Teachers’ Awareness of Code of Ethics in Research: the Role of Gender and Years of Teaching Experience
This study is aimed at examining the role of gender, and years of teaching experience in Iranian EFL teachers’ awareness of the code of ethics in research. 272 Iranian EFL teachers were chosen based


Reciprocity and Constructions of Informed Consent: Researching with Indigenous Populations
In this article, the authors present a discussion of institutional review boards and potential challenges qualitative researchers may face when presenting human subjects research proposals to these
Student Researchers Negotiating Consent in Northern Aboriginal Communities
In this article, the authors discuss what students are doing to reconcile the differences between institutional ethical review standards and the reality of community-based, qualitative research,
Care and Concern: An Ethical Journey in Participatory Action Research
The four basic principles of an ethical research framework, as outlined by the Code of Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (1998), are reviewed in light of the requirements of a
Some ethical dilemmas in counselling and counselling research
This paper raises a number of dilemmas in relation to the ethical practice of counselling, counsellor training and research and evaluation of counselling which reflect the author's increasing
The ethics of participatory research with children
This paper argues that ethical problems in research involving direct contact with children can be overcome by using a participatory approach. A study of children's participation in decisions when
Informed Consent and Clinical Research Involving Children and Adolescents: Implications of the Revised APA Ethics Code and HIPAA
  • C. Fisher
  • Psychology
    Journal of clinical child and adolescent psychology : the official journal for the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, American Psychological Association, Division 53
  • 2004
This article highlights those APA ethical standards and HIPAA regulations relevant to clinical research involving children and adolescents and discusses how psychologists can apply these rules in ways that will ensure ethical and legal compliance.
What Is “Good” Education Research?
The question of what counts as good education research has received a great deal of attention, but too often it is conceived principally as a methodological question rather than an ethical one. Good
Qualitative research for education : an introduction to theory and methods / by Robert C. Bogdan and Sari Knopp Biklen
1. Foundations of Qualitative Research in Education: An Introduction. Characteristics of Qualitative Research. Traditions of Qualitative Research. Theoretical Underpinnings. Ten Common Questions
Qualitative research for education: An introduction to theories and methods
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