Ethanol preference and sterotype behavior of rats.


Relations between ethanol consumption and variations of dopaminergic activity expressed by altered apomorphine induced stereotypy behaviour in the rat were investigated. The results of this study show an increase of the stimulating effect of 1 mg/kg apomorphine in nonpreferent ethanol pretreated animals. These changes are present until 72 h after ethanol withdrawal. Ethanol preferent rats do not differ significantly in their stereotypy behaviour from ethanol untreated animals. The observed behavioural alterations will be discussed as an expression of dopaminergic supersensitivity in nigrostriatal structures in nonpreferent rats after chronic ethanol treatment.

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@article{Behnert1987EthanolPA, title={Ethanol preference and sterotype behavior of rats.}, author={P Behnert and Gabriel Keller and Katsanikos Andreas}, journal={Biomedica biochimica acta}, year={1987}, volume={46 11}, pages={841-4} }