Ethanol potentiation of central nervous system trauma.

  title={Ethanol potentiation of central nervous system trauma.},
  author={Eugene S. Flamm and Harry B. Demopoulos and Myron L. Seligman and J J Tomasula and V De Crescito and Joseph Ransohoff},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={46 3},
Two models have been used to study the effects of ethanol on injuries of the central nervous system. The spinal cords of cats were injured by delivering a 200 gm-cm impact to the exposed dura mater. A second group of animals received a similar injury to the exposed dura mater overlying the cerebral hemispheres. The animals were divided into two groups, those that received an infusion of ethanol before injury, and control animals that received no ethanol. The parameters of injury used in this… CONTINUE READING


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