Ethanol-induced epigenetic regulations at the Bdnf gene in C57BL/6J mice

  title={Ethanol-induced epigenetic regulations at the Bdnf gene in C57BL/6J mice},
  author={Emilien Stragier and Renaud Massart and Marine Salery and Michel Hamon and David Geny and Vincent Martin and Fabien Boulle and Laurence Lanfumey},
  journal={Molecular Psychiatry},
High ethanol intake is well known to induce both anxiolytic and anxiogenic effects, in correlation with chromatin remodeling in the amygdaloid brain region and deficits in cell proliferation and survival in the hippocampus of rodents. Whether only moderate but chronic ethanol intake in C57BL/6J mice could also have an impact on chromatin remodeling and neuroplasticity was addressed here. Chronic ethanol consumption in a free choice paradigm was found to induce marked changes in the expression… CONTINUE READING