Ethanol-induced disturbance of hepatic microcirculation and hepatic hypoxia.

  title={Ethanol-induced disturbance of hepatic microcirculation and hepatic hypoxia.},
  author={T Hijioka and Nobuhiro Sato and Takuro Matsumura and Harumasa Yoshihara and Yoshiyuki Takei and Hiroshi Fukui and Masahide Oshita and Sunao Kawano and Takenobu Kamada},
  journal={Biochemical pharmacology},
  volume={41 11},
The hypothesis was tested whether ingestion of ethanol might disturb the hepatic microcirculation with resulting hepatic hypoxia. Infusion of ethanol increased the portal pressure concentration-dependently in rat livers perfused with Krebs-Henseleit buffer at a constant flow rate (Emax = 11.5 cm H2O, EC50 = 90 mM). This increase in portal pressure was due to hepatic vasoconstriction, since it diminished in the presence of sodium nitroprusside, a direct acting vasodilator. The regional hepatic… CONTINUE READING
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