Ethanol facilitates consummatory extinction.

  title={Ethanol facilitates consummatory extinction.},
  author={Giselle Vanesa Kamenetzky and Alba Elisabeth Mustaca and Valeria T Pedr{\'o}n and Lucas Cuenya and Mauricio R. Papini},
  journal={Behavioural processes},
  volume={82 3},
Rats given access to an empty sipper tube after having obtained 32% sucrose in the same situation undergo extinction of consummatory behavior (cE). Ethanol (0.75 and 1g/kg, i.p.) accelerated cE when administered before the second extinction session. The effect was not attributable to increased activity or state-dependent reduction in consummatory behavior. These data are discussed in the context of research on the effects of ethanol on behavioral assays involving incentive downshifts.