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Eternal Vertex Cover on Bipartite and Co-Bipartite Graphs

  title={Eternal Vertex Cover on Bipartite and Co-Bipartite Graphs},
  author={Neeldhara Misra and Saraswati Nanoti},
The ETERNAL VERTEX COVER problem is a dynamic variant of the vertex cover problem. We have a two player game in which guards are placed on some vertices of a graph. In every move, one player (the attacker) attacks an edge. In response to the attack, the second player (the defender) moves some of the guards along the edges of the graph in such a manner that at least one guard moves along the attacked edge. If such a movement is not possible, then the attacker wins. If the defender can defend the… 


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  • J. Flum, Martin Grohe
  • Computer Science
    Texts in Theoretical Computer Science. An EATCS Series
  • 2006
Fixed-Parameter Tractability.- Reductions and Parameterized Intractability.- The Class W[P].- Logic and Complexity.- Two Fundamental Hierarchies.- The First Level of the Hierarchies.- The