Estudo teórico e experimental de espectros infravermelho de ésteres de ácido graxo presentes na composição do biodiesel de soja

  title={Estudo te{\'o}rico e experimental de espectros infravermelho de {\'e}steres de {\'a}cido graxo presentes na composiç{\~a}o do biodiesel de soja},
  author={Eduardo W. Castilho-Almeida and H{\'e}lio F. Dos Santos and Alisson Marques de Miranda and A. J{\'o}rio and E. H. M. Ferreira and C. Achete and Raigna A.S.Z. Armond and Cleber P. A. Anconi and Wagner B. De Almeida},
  journal={Qu{\'i}mica Nova},
In this work, theoretical and experimental infrared spectra of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) contained in soybean biodiesel were analyzed seeking the assignments of the relevant vibrational modes to characterize crude soybean oil and soybean biodiesel. The results showed the usefulness of infrared spectra for monitoring saturated and unsaturated compounds as well as impurities (mainly glycerol) in raw samples. This is the first step toward proposing an efficient molecular spectroscopy routine… Expand
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RESUMO Este trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar a síntese de biodiesel por transesterificação enzimática pela enzima Eversa® Transform de amostras de óleo comercial termicamente tratado. O óleoExpand


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