Estudo preliminar das leptospiroses no Estado do Rio de Janeiro

  title={Estudo preliminar das leptospiroses no Estado do Rio de Janeiro},
  author={Jo{\~a}o Jos{\'e} Pereira da Silva and Lelia Magalh{\~a}es Paiva and B A Netto and J.R.C Silva and Jos{\'e} Rodr{\'i}gues Coura},
Twenty cases of leptospirosis, (15 by Leptospira icterohaemorragiae, one by Leptospira canicola and four undetermined) were studied from a clinical, laboratorial and anatomo-pathological viewpoint (five necropsies and ten muscular biopsies). Important clinical elements for the differencial diagnosis of jaundice from other etiologies, were the sudden beginning with fever, intense muscular pain, congestion and conjunctival hemorrhage, besides the reddish color of the jaundice. In contrast, the… CONTINUE READING


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