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Estudios sobre el complejo Anema-Thyrea-Peccania en el sureste de la Península Ibérica y norte de África

  title={Estudios sobre el complejo Anema-Thyrea-Peccania en el sureste de la Pen{\'i}nsula Ib{\'e}rica y norte de {\'A}frica},
  author={P. Moreno and J. M. Egea},
Noves dades sobre líquens i fongs liquenícoles dels substrats rocosos carbonatats a Catalunya
New data on lichens and lichencolous fungi from calcareous rock in Catalonia The study of calcicolous lichens and their lichenicolous fungi in Catalonia began in the 1980s. These studies cover moreExpand
Checklist of the lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Sierra Nevada (Spain)
espanolSe presenta el catalogo de liquenes y hongos liquenicolas de Sierra Nevada (Granada, Sureste de Espana), fruto la prospeccion llevada a cabo por la Sociedad Espanola de Liquenologia (SEL),Expand
Lichenological Exploration of Algeria II: Checklist of Lichenized, Lichenicolous and Allied Fungi
In all, 1051 lichen taxa and 43 species of lichenicolous and allied fungi are listed, and their synonyms used in publications on Algerian lichens are provided. Expand
New records of lichen taxa from Namibia and South Africa
Of the 39 lichen taxa reported here that were collected during numerous excursions to Namibia and the Republic of South Africa, 37 are new to Namibia and 6 are new to the Republic of South Africa;Expand
Exploring the relationships between ecology and species traits in cyanolichens: A case study on Italy
Along the gradient from arid to humid environments, and from more primeval substrata (rocks, mineral soils) to more recent ones (organic soils, tree bark), morphologically simpler, sexually reproducing cyanolichens are gradually replaced by more complex, often asexual species, which suggests that the current ecology of cyanolichen may retain a phylogenetic signal, indicative of the evolutionary footprint in species adaptation processes. Expand
Lichenological exploration of Algeria: historical overview and annotated bibliography, 1799–2013
Abstract Amrani S., Nacer A., Noureddine N.-E. & Seaward M. R. D.: Lichenological exploration of Algeria: historical overview and annotated bibliography, 1799–2013. — Willdenowia 45: 15–34. 2015. —Expand
New Records of Lichinomycetes in Sweden and the Nordic Countries
Lichinella stipatula is the first species of the mainly Mediterranean genus Lichinella s.str found in the Nordic countries, and the genus Metamelanea is recorded for the first time in Sweden with two species. Expand
New and Additional Records of Cyanolichens from Turkey
Seven species of the cyanolichen family Lichinaceae are recorded as new for Turkey, and additional records are presented for another seven species. Expand
Líquenes de Andalucía (S de España): catálogo bibliográfico y nuevos datos del NW del área
A catalogue of 1228 taxa (1185 ascolichens, 3 basidiolichens and 40 lichenicolous fungi) found in Andalusia is afforded. The catalogue is based on bibliographic references and on MACB herbariumExpand
New records of lichens from Middle Urals, Russia
Twelve species of lichenized ascomycetes are reported from the Middle Urals, in the limits of Sverdlovsk Region. Anema nummularium and Fellhaneropsis vezdae are new to Russia. Collema dichotomum,Expand